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The Cost of Making America Great AgainPolitics

As Trump steps into the White House, does this signal the end of US soft power? And if so, what could this mean for Europe and the rest of the world?

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Collaboration is just a strategy – Overcoming the limits of the CommonsFinance and Economy

Although the commons are no silver bullet solution to society’s ills, combined with the common good and other alternative models they can form the basis of a fairer and more sustainable economic order.

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Working Together: Could Progressive Alliances Change the Game in UK Politics?Politics

A recent breakthrough illustrates how forming political alliances could be a path to power for progressive forces in the UK.

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New Breeding Techniques: New GMOs in a Legal LimboAgriculture

The biotech industry are lobbying to exclude a new generation of genetic engineering techniques from the European GMO regulations.

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COP 22: From Unthinkable to Unstoppable?Climate and Energy

What can we take away from COP22 in light of Trump's victory & what are the next steps? An interview with Lucile Schmid and Bas Eickhout.

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