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Radicalisation in Isolation: The Success of the Dutch Freedom PartyPolitics

Is the Freedom Party a prime example of the rise of far-right populism around Europe? Or are things more complicated?

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Reaching an Open Society: An Interview with Yannick JadotPolitics

With France's presidential election just months away - what role is there for political ecology to play?

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“Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining”: What a Trump Presidency Can Do for Climate ChangeClimate and Energy

Could Trump's climate-skeptic administration inadvertently contribute to the fight against climate change?

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Food Production in Europe: Time to Look AheadAgriculture

Food policy isn't working. Does the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) address the problems, or can agroecology provide the answers?

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Why is Energy Poverty Still an Issue?Climate and Energy

People across Europe still suffer from 'energy poverty' - what does it consist of and what policies are needed to deal with the problem?

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The Punitive Regulation of Poverty in the Neoliberal AgeWelfare and Social Issues

The prison in the age of neoliberalism is examined in this analysis by sociologist Loïc Wacquant.

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Defeating National Populism: Lessons from Austria and PortugalPolitics

Can Austria and Portugal provide clues as to which conditions are needed for progressive forces to flourish?

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Harvesting Change: a New Green Political Force in LithuaniaPolitics

An interview with Tomas Tomalinas, MP with the Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union who gained a landslide victory last year.

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Green Observatory: Tax InjusticeFinance and Economy

The Panama Papers and Lux Leaks have exposed the fact that tax regimes in Europe disproportionately benefit big businesses, with multi-nationals routinely avoiding paying exorbitant amounts in tax revenue while the burden falls on ordinary citizens. GEJ asked experts, activists, and Green politicians around Europe about the impact of these revelations in their national contexts, and for a sense of the debate about what it means to have a fair tax regime.

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Where do we go from here? Austrian Greens after Van der Bellen’s victoryPolitics

Alexander Van der Bellen's election as president was a boost for Austrian Greens, but many challenges lie ahead.

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