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Dutch Elections: A Victory Over the Nexiters?Politics

The Netherlands' general elections on March 15th were regarded as a cause for celebration by some, but a predictable outcome by others, while assessments of the results' significance varied drastically between domestic and international commentators. Did Wilders suffer a surprising defeat, and were the anti-European forces roundly rejected as claimed? Simon Otjes analyses the results, how the Left fared, the success of the Dutch Greens, and what form of coalition may emerge.

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Privatised Risks, Omnipresent DangersPolitics

As security risks dominate the 'West', the main beneficiaries are private companies who promise to protect us from "known knowns, known unknowns & unknown unknowns".

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Neoliberalism Has Eviscerated the Fabric of Social LifeDemocracy

Are we witnessing a crisis of liberal democracy? Wendy Brown is interviewed on the insecurities of neoliberalism and globalisation.

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The Dutch General Elections: The Calm Before the Storm?Politics

Do the Dutch elections represent a return to political ‘normalcy’ or is it a façade, and is it about to crumble or it is masking deeper changes?

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Flawed but Worth it: the Finnish Basic Income ExperimentWelfare and Social Issues

Finland has just launched a basic income experiment. How is it different to other models. A critical yet hopeful look at its design & purpose.

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“Our World Can be Different if We Are Not Indifferent”Green Transition

Inspiration from beyond Europe, from Rajagopal, renowned Indian activist who is planning a protest walk from Delhi to Geneva.

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Slovenia was changed by the first waves of refugees passing through in 2015. Its centre-left government has followed, rather than led, public opinion.

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Radicalisation in Isolation: The Success of the Dutch Freedom PartyPolitics

Is the Freedom Party a prime example of the rise of far-right populism around Europe? Or are things more complicated?

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Reaching an Open Society: An Interview with Yannick JadotPolitics

With France's presidential election just months away - what role is there for political ecology to play?

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“Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining”: What a Trump Presidency Can Do for Climate ChangeClimate and Energy

Could Trump's climate-skeptic administration inadvertently contribute to the fight against climate change?

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