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Germany in Focus

With the German federal elections around the corner, the Green European Journal is running a series on German politics, including analysis commentary from experts, commentators, and German Green politicians.

We have pieces about how some German states are handling climate change on their level, about the strategy and politics of coalitions, about German populism and its far-right, about the French-German partnership at the heart of Europe, and a comparative look at its energy transition. Will Angela Merkel remain supreme or will Martin Schulz emerge as the next chancellor? How will the results affect the European project at this difficult moment in its life, and how will the German Greens spring back from a tricky couple of months? Get up to speed.



Germany’s Populists Win Discourses, Not Elections


By Johannes Hillje

Is right-wing populism really on its way out – or is it seeping into the mainstream? How can it be countered? An analysis in the wake of the upcoming elections.





“Social justice for all? That’s like Harry Potter on TV on a saturday night”


Interview with Robert Habeck by Roderick Kefferpütz

We talked strategy & political reality with Robert Habeck, who led the German Greens in their strongest state result this year. (Also in German)





Think Global, Act Local: The Role of Regional Actors in Climate Protection


By Franz Untersteller, Environment & Energy Minister for Baden-Württemberg

One state in Germany- alongside many in the US – is showing that sub-national actors can take a lead in protecting the climate. (Also in German)





Pairing up to Repair Europe: France and Germany


An interview with Franco-German relations expert Claire Demesmay

France & Germany make up the motor of Europe and partly determine its future, but what are their cooperation prospects in the face of 2017 elections? (Also in French)





Transatlantic Relations: Germany, Europe, and the US


An interview with Bastian Hermisson, director of HBS’s North American office.

How will the Trump administration’s policies influence EU defense, integration and upcoming elections, notably in Germany?






In Good Company: The German Energy Transition and its Echo in France


By Andreas Rüdinger and Kathrin Glastra

France & Germany historically represented two different approaches to producing energy – are they growing closer?





“A coalition is not a love match”


An interview former president of the Heinrich Böll Foundation Ralf Fücks,

A discussion with Ralf Fücks on the situation in Germany, coalitions with Merkel & the rise of the far-right Alternative für Deutschland. (Also in German)


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