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Robotics in Focus

Artificial intelligence, robotics, and technology are changing the very fabric of our societies – from how we process information and vote to the quality of our jobs and work. Yet this revolutionary impact on our lives – that has already started – is systemically under-discussed across the political spectrum, though some Green Parties in Europe have started to take action.

Start off with our Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Green Observatory, which gives an overview of the situation in Europe. Read or watch this interview with MEP Jean Phillip Albrecht about the sinister implications of some developments. Next, journalist and author Tiffany Blandin talks about the huge impact of AI and robotics on jobs. Round it off with by watching or reading Aaron Sterniczky’s talk with MIT professor Aleksandra Przegaliska about what changes are underway and some possible solutions.

Three pieces from our archives: Henning Meyer on the ‘digital revolution‘, Aaron Sterniczky on the connection between populism and technology, and this interview from our last edition on security about security threats and technology.


Green Observatory: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

By Adam Ostolski, Ioana Banach-Sirbu, Jaakko Stenh瓣ll, Jan Philipp Albrecht, Jaroslav Fiala, Luis Esteban Rubio, Aaron Sterniczky, Mohssin El Ghabri, N籀ra Di籀szegi-Horv獺th, Pieter Pekelharing, Tiffany Blandin.

Our reliance on sophisticated robots and artificial intelligence will most likely impact all strata of society nevertheless, policy makers are limping behind the developments in Research and Development. Experts and activists in or around the Green galaxy weigh in.



Minds of Their Own? Why We Need to Get Up to Speed on Robotics

An interview with Jan Phillip Albrecht

From self-driving cars to intelligent implants – we’re living in an increasingly automated world, yet the legal safeguards are lagging behind.





Job-Robbing Robots

An interview with Tiffany Blandin by Benjamin Joyeux.

The impact of robotisation & artificial intelligence on jobs and work will be huge, so why are politicians not talking – let alone planning – for it? What can be done to intelligently prepare for artificial intelligence?





To Fear or Not to Fear the Robot

An interview with MIT professor Aleksandra Przegaliska by Aaron Sterniczky

Most politicians turn a blind eye but it has never been more crucial – how can we prepare for artificial intelligence’s increasing power and role in our lives?





Understanding The Digital Revolution And What It Means

By Henning Meyer

What concrete changes can we expect from the ‘digital revolution’ & how can we deal with changes to work, policy-wise? Would a basic income go some way to solving the issue?





The Robot and Donald Trump: Technology and the Rise of Populism in the West

By Aaron Sterniczky

What can be done to reconcile technological progress and civic democracy in an age where technology seems increasingly used to polarise political debates?





Invisible Threats: The Digital Dangers to our Real Lives

An interview with Jean Phillip Albrecht and Ralf Bendrath.

New technology developing at breakneck speed has left laws behind and increasingly puts not only our privacy but our immediate safety at risk.

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