Europe’s New Reality: Defence Spending After the Invasion

As Russia attempts to redraw Ukraine’s borders by force, defence spending is going up around Europe.

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Navigating the Culture Wars on Europe’s Borders

We spoke with MP Tomas Tomilinas who explained the issues driving politics in Lithuania today.

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Climate Security Cannot Ignore the Military

As generations mobilise to save the climate, traditional military mobilisations are doing much to destroy it. The carbon footprint of the military needs to be on the table.

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The European Union, a New Basis for Common Security

Against a backdrop of increasing instability, the EU must define a common security and defence doctrine which confronts the question of nuclear deterrence to ensure its strategic autonomy.

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“Security cannot simply be delegated to the military”

An interview with Co-chair of the European Green Party Reinhard Bütikofer on the new European Defence Fund and the state of security in the EU.

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Fighting Talk: Competing Visions of European Defence Cooperation

What are the prospects for deeper European integration on defence? We spoke to two experts to get their take.

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How Much Military Is Enough?

After 9/11, military expenditure increased around the world. Does the increase of the defence sector improve or jeopardise international security?

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Major global conflicts are not resolved in the Dutch Parliament. Nor is The Hague the centre of the world. The Netherlands’ influence is determined by the extent to which it collaborates with other countries. GroenLinks therefore needs to look across the border when defining its position on military intervention. The opinions of our allies should be taken into account.

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