Opportunism Not Ideology: Fidesz’s Campaign Against Sexual Minorities

A new discriminatory law against LGBTQI+ people fits well into the long-running political strategy of Fidesz.

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The Politics of Representation in the Climate Movement

The “Greta effect” reveals a great deal about exclusion-inclusion mechanisms in media and discourse. An intersectional approach has more to offer.

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Hardwiring the Future: The Threat of Discrimination by Design

If new technologies are not regulated boldly, we could find ourselves in a technochauvinist dystopia.

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Technology is No Guarantee of Equality

Algorithms: supposedly neutral but in fact liable to perpetuate various forms of discrimination, including against women and people of colour. How do they exert such power, and what are the stakes?

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‘Sweet Dreams and Beautiful Nightmares’: Why Security is a Black and Brown Issue

The term ‘security’ is used as though it were neutral, but in fact it is underpinned by assumptions and prejudice, with some regarded as worthy of protection while ‘others’ are seen as threatening.

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Discrimination Is a Barrier That Can’t Be Knocked Down: The Roma Experience of Exclusion

The borders that criss-cross our maps, and the notions of national unity that they connote, belie the fact that within and across these neatly delineated units there are communities whose very existence is a challenge to this territorial division. The case of the Roma people, spread throughout Europe and beyond, is an apt illustration of this.

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Molenbeek: European Capital of Jihadism?

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015, the international spotlight has been on Belgium as an alleged breeding ground for radical Islam.

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Power to the People

Nelson Mandela personified the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa and became a worldwide symbol of hope in the face of discrimination. Although apartheid was ended, racism and discrimination still remain present in our society, and that needs to be remembered.

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