Holding Up the Mirror to Fortress Europe

The rise of borders and securitisation is putting core European values at stake. Caterina Guidi examines how the question of migration is riving Europe to its core.

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The New Legend Surrounding National Borders Is A Fantasy

A shadow looms over Europe. Everywhere, new borders are sprouting up overnight like mushrooms.

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“It is a catastrophe” – Interview with Ska Keller on the EU’s Refugee Policies

This year, hundreds of thousands of refugees have entered the EU in the hope of a new life and a safer future for themselves and their families. However, instead of welcoming them, European politicians are trying to keep them out EU territory, or at least away from their own countries.

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Silence is not enough: Green proposals for a European migration and asylum strategy

To avoid further catastrophes and deaths in the Mediterranean we need a radical shift in the priorities of EU asylum policies. Increasing the budget of the “Triton” operation of the EU border surveillance agency FRONTEX and doing another minute of silence is not enough!

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Solidarity in Europe, Solidarity in the World

Using examples from her own home, Corfu, Vera Koronaki describes the reasons why we need solidarity, both in Europe as well as beyond, and the steps that we can take to achieve it.

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