French Greens at the Crossroads

As the 2022 French presidential elections draw near, Quentin Ariès examines who will champion the Green voice and political ecology in France today.

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A Paradoxical Relationship with Power

An interview with political scientist Vanessa Jérome analysing what motivates activists to mobilise and campaign for the French Greens.

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Europe Ecologie Les Verts after the EU elections: Do or Die

After its success at the 2019 European elections, can the French Greens break their pattern of constantly rising and falling green waves?

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Where Next for the French Greens?

In a France dominated by leaders without movements and rocked by movements without leaders, can political ecology build on EU election success to help fix the crisis of representation?

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#MeToo and the Baupin Trial: Will the Greens Break the French Lock?

Will the trial against a former Green politician for sexual harassment mark a milestone for wider French society?

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Reaching an Open Society: An Interview with Yannick Jadot

With France’s presidential election just months away – what role is there for political ecology to play?

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“Ecology as a Political Dwarf and an Organisational giant” – A Book Review of the “Manifeste des Écologistes Atterrés”

The state of the French Greens, Europe Écologie Les Verts, is in disarray, and the paradoxical gap between a shrinking Green electorate and ecologically conscious citizens and movements grows. However, the grass is always greener on the other side, especially in the case of Italy, where Green prospects in comparison are bleak. A book review of “Manifeste des écologistes atterrés”.

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Beneath the Surface of the Crisis: A Closer Look at the state of French Greens

Without a doubt, the news of Jean Vincent Placé (leader of Green group in the French Senate) and other Green members’ departure from the group – during the summer 2015 after having accused others in the party Europe Ecologie Les Verts (EELV) of “shifting too far left” and demanding too much of the Socialist government – was a relief to the Greens and their supporters. But, it is far from fully cathartic, perhaps partly because losing members is always a failure.

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How to Elect a Green Mayor

Against the tide of right and far-right success in the French local elections, the Greens scored a big win in the race for Mayor of Grenoble. In doing so, they created a new and vibrant alternative to the left of the Socialists. What can we learn from this?

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