Algorithmic Governmentality and the Death of Politics

What is algorithmic governmentality? What transformations are the tech revolution catalysing in society and politics? In this in-depth conversation, legal philosopher Antoinette Rouvroy questions the drive to rationalise all aspects of life through data and sets out possibilities for alternatives.

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Resisting Surveillance

The Harvard Business School Professor Emerita discusses the large-scale rollout of surveillance capitalism and the challenges this poses to democracy.

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How GDPR Is Driving the US Privacy Legislation Debate

While US firms might dominate the tech industry, the European Union led the way on digital rights. Now US politicians too are calling for reform.

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To 2049 and Beyond: A Future History of the Internet

Expert on EU digital policy chronicles the next 30 years in cyberspace: reinventing privacy online, Digital Donor Cards and where next for the EU after GDPR.

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Hardwiring the Future: The Threat of Discrimination by Design

If new technologies are not regulated boldly, we could find ourselves in a technochauvinist dystopia.

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