Trapped in a Populist Imagination: Slovenia under Janša

Prime Minister Janez Janša is locked in a war with imagined enemies, fuelled by conspiracies and a distorted view of history.

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Populism and the Legacy of Transition in Eastern Europe

Thirty years after Eastern European states began their transition out of socialism, the outcomes of the process are still contested.

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The Curious Case of Croatia

Unlike many other post-communist countries which experienced fragmentation and instability, Croatia’s party system has retained its basic stability for a long time. Yet a significant section of the electorate has sought an alternative – and as a result a succession of new political actors have emerged, with varying degrees of success. But how are they likely to fare at the country’s September parliamentary elections?

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Poland After Kaczyński

We need to start thinking about the future and Poland after the end of the Law and Justice (PiS) rule – even though for many it may seem like a science fiction scenario right now.

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