Poisoning Politics: The Global Threat of Online Extremism

Globalisation and technology have allowed right-wing extremists to amplify their messages online and to forge connections across borders.

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A narrative to combat, and eliminate, the terrorist threat

Terrorism cannot just be policed away. Preventing attacks requires a sustained social project to build a resilient and inclusive society.

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An Inside Job: European Societies Need to Look Within to Achieve Real Security

How should Greens respond to the very real sense of insecurity felt by many European citizens today? Four Green leaders from around Europe discuss how a Green security policy might look, and how to communicate it.

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Facing Terror: A Call for Radical Love, or a Radical Call for Love

As a Bruxellois, confronted with the terrible events in Zaventem and the Maelbeek metro station, terrorism has reached my doorstep. More than ten years after September 11th, my reaction to these attacks is very different to the one I had back then.

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Molenbeek: European Capital of Jihadism?

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015, the international spotlight has been on Belgium as an alleged breeding ground for radical Islam.

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The Boomerang Returns

The roots of the 13th of November are also to be sought from the foreign policy of both Europe and France over the past forty years. Europe’s withdrawal from the Palestinian question, the missed opportunity with Turkey which could have so easily been brought into the fold of the EU, France’s alliance with the ‘petro-monarchies’… are all mistakes which have only served to aggravate the calamity and feed rancour and radicalisation in the Middle-East.

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After the European elections

With elections behind us, what kind of European Parliament is now being formed? The results paint a fragmented picture, with significant losses weakening the centre in favour of an increased presence of the radical right and left.

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