Investing in the Future: Young People Are the Greatest Resource We Have

Former Minister of Education Lorenzo Fioramonti recounts his experience of trying to reform Italian education policy to put ecology at the heart of learning.

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Hooked on Growth: Rewiring Institutions for Wellbeing

A new policy paradigm needs to emerge that is capable of thinking broadly and ecologically about wellbeing, sustainability, and justice.

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Basic Income in Scotland: Progress in a Time of Chaos

Interest in basic income is growing in Scotland and across the United Kingdom. Can we expect trials from the Scottish government and where might the momentum lead?

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Choosing Investment over Breaking Even

Tight public spending may have powered its exports, but underinvestment in people and infrastructure has its costs. Could a new investment rule be just what Germany needs?

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From Global Tax Dodging to Worldwide Wellbeing

This imagined news article describes a Europe where revenues recuperated from tax evasion and avoidance are invested back into wellbeing for the benefit of society and the environment.

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