Facing Our Fears: Greens On Security and Protection

In the framework of the 2017 European and Global Greens Congress, join the Green European Journal’s panel debate to launch our 15th edition “Fear and Trembling: Perspectives on Security in Europe” in room 4A. Leading Green figures from across Europe will discuss what an effective Green approach to security could be, and how Greens can develop a positive response to the current concerns and fears of citizens.

As the world around us becomes filled with ever more present and rigorous mechanisms to enhance protection and minimise risks, it may seem paradoxical that the level of fears and anxieties is increasing across our societies. This collective sense of trepidation has a tendency to fixate on the most sensational, direct, and violent sources of risk, a distortion exacerbated by media and political forces who foment disquiet and suspicion to their own advantage. Identifying where the true threats lie is a challenging but crucial enterprise and the Green European Journal contends that progressive forces around Europe need to take the question of security seriously. This edition provides contributions that look beyond today’s politics of fear, towards a politics of hope.


Meyrem Almaci, President of the Flemish Green Party (Groen)
Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of the Green party of England and Wales
Alev Korun, Member of Parliament for Austrian Green Party (Die Grünen)

Time and Date:

Saturday 1st April 2017

Room 4A, Liverpool ACC Conference Centre, Albert Dock, Liverpool.


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Come and see us at the Green European Journal stand (lower level) to pick up your copy.

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