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The Environmental Cost of the War in Ukraine

How does war affect the nature and public health in Ukraine for generations to come, and what can the international community do to mitigate this long-term damage?

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Barred from the Climate Conversation

Despite having official invitations to international climate summits, many young Global South organisers find their visa applications to European countries rejected, sometimes multiples times in a row.

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After Modernity: Citizenship Beyond the Nation State?

We explore the concepts of citizenship and nation states - two norms rarely questioned in Europe today - and how they are evolving in today's world.

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Swedish Elections and the Mainstreaming of the Far Right

A look into what the results might mean for the country, how Swedish politics has gradually shifted to the right and what happens next.

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The Unhealthy Geopolitics of a Sovereign Europe

Why thinking pandemic geopolitics through the lens of 'health sovereignty' ignores the geographies of vulnerability that connect us all.

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