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The Categorical Mistake of “Looking for an Answer to National Populism”

In the face of rising national populism, rather than seeking to combat these forces on their own terms, Green and progressive politicians can instead turn to a far more effective rhetorical tool.

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The Future of Basic Income in Finland
Welfare and social issues

Trials in recent years, an advanced national debate and a new progressive majority in Parliament make Finland a key context to follow for basic income developments.

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Why the Extinction Rebellion Movement is Morally Justified

Drawing on political theory and environmental philosophy, Jeff Justice makes the case for legitimate rebellion in the face of government inaction on climate.

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Questioning the Centrality of Work with André Gorz
Green transition

André Gorz, a key thinker of political ecology, owes his popularity in part to his radical critique of work. His exhortation to “exit from work”, though undoubtedly utopian, provides us with the opportunity to reflect on what we mean by ‘work’ and on the dominant place we afford it.

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Youth Lead the Way on the Climate Emergency
Climate and Energy

On Friday 20 September, thousands of children will once again take to the streets in the name of the planet – and this time they call for adults to strike with them. Philosopher Joëlle Zask considers how the conscience and clarity of the young climate protestors upturns notions of minority and majority in political society.

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