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The Three Tribes of Political Ecology

Humanity’s collective relationship with nature has always provided political ecology with a material basis for reading history. The breakdown of that relationship is making this reading all the more relevant. Philosopher Pierre Charbonnier presents the three forces leading political ecology today – green socialism, the radical critics of modernity, and elite technocracy. While their diagnoses differ fundamentally, much is resting on them getting along.

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Climate Change and Migration: Myths and Realities

Awareness has grown of the intimate link between climate change and migration in past years but it remains a complex and contentious issue. In a debate fanned by the media and populist politicians, University of Liège researcher Caroline Zickgraf separates myth from reality. Explaining how our changing environment is making people move, she calls for evidence-based preparation rather than fear-based reactions and crisis responses.

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British Foreign Policy After Brexit

While Brexit has dominated the upcoming general election, what its form means for Britain’s place in the world has been lost in throwaway slogans and superficial debate. Christopher Hill’s latest book, The Future of British Foreign Policy, is an attempt to ground UK foreign policy post-Brexit in reality. Whatever happens, the next government will have to reckon with a new relationship with its EU partners, uncertainty over NATO’s future, and a shifting global balance of power.

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The Climate Justice Movement in the Czech Republic Has Broken the Silence. Now What?

The Climate Strikes arrived in the Czech Republic this year as youth started to protest against the government’s chronic inaction on climate. But now what? Josef Patocka, editor for climate change at Deník Referendum, breaks down how to effectively push for structural change and a just transition to clean energy.

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The Future of the EU: Soldiers, Barbed Wire and Surveillance

The far right failed to make the gains many expected at the European elections, but their influence on the direction of the Union is pervasive. Activists linked to Attac Austria argue that progressives supporting today’s EU irrespective of its policy agenda are playing on terrain that favours only the far right and the neoliberal establishment. So the question is: How can progressives rethink their relationship to the EU as it stands and make sure that they are ready to oppose and resist?

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