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Samir Jeraj

Samir Jeraj is a journalist with a focus on issues in private rented housing. He was a Green Party councillor in Norwich from 2008 to 2012. He’s the author of The Rent Trap with Rosie Walker, and can be found on twitter as @sajeraj


The New Urban Crisis: A Manifesto For the Status Quo

Growing inequality has become a hallmark of many cities. For this reviewer, Richard Florida's latest book is a worrying prescription for more of the same.

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Guardians of the Property: Pop-up Housing for Pop-up People

A new housing phenomenon is spreading across Europe's cities - is it a Bohemian, win-win solution or does it exemplify the entrenchment of precarity into new spheres?

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Destruction by Deregulation: the Grenfell Tower Fire

In order to make sense of this month's devastating fire in London, it has to be placed in a context of austerity, deregulation & privatisation.

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‘Social Housing, Not Social Cleansing’ – The Case of the Focus E15 Mums

The UK faces a housing crisis. It is this crisis, and the growing number of evictions that are mobilising people to campaign on housing. A group of young mothers fights back with direct action.

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