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Cover_GEJ24 (New Issue) Vol. 24 - Priced Out: The Cost of Living in a Disrupted World

What are the social and political impacts of the cost of living crisis, and what alternatives remain for meeting our needs?
Cover_GEJ23 (1) Vol. 23 - Making Our Minds: Uncovering the Politics of Education

What would an education system that truly equips people for the challenges of our age look like?
Cover_GEJ22 Vol. 22 - Moving Targets: Geopolitics in a Warming World

With much in the balance, how can Greens and progressives pick up the scattered seeds of a more just and sustainable world?
Cover_GEJ21_1000x1000 (1) Vol. 21 - Democracy Ever After: Perspectives on Power and Representation

In the struggle over their future, how can we steer democracy and representation towards ever greater fairness, inclusion, and participation?
Untitled design (34) Winter 2021 (Vol. 22): Moving Targets: Geopolitics in a Warming World

Spring 2021 (Vol. 21): Democracy Ever After: Perspectives on Power and Representation
Winter 2020 Edition Cover (Sold Out) Vol. 20 - Life Under Shock: Understanding the Pandemic

With the politics of life and living together out in the open, how will the health crisis influence our world in the years to come?
volume-19-a-world-alive-green-politics-in-europe-and-beyond Vol. 19 - A World Alive: Green Politics in Europe and Beyond

From ecofeminism and the Green New Deal to questions of narrative and institutional change, this edition explores the different worlds of green politics.
volume-18-2049-open-future Vol. 18 - 2049: Open Future

Imagine the future. This collection of essays, stories, and interviews looks forward to imagine what Europe could look like in 2049.
volume-17-work-on-the-horizon-tracking-employments-transformation-in-europe Vol. 17 - Work on the Horizon: Tracking Employment’s Transformation in Europe

This edition explores the centrality of work and its changing nature in the face of social and technological developments.
volume-16-talk-of-the-town-exploring-the-city-in-europe Vol. 16 - Talk of the Town: Exploring the City in Europe

Both as sites of transformations as well as political actors in their own right, this edition looks at cities and their significance across Europe and beyond.
Untitled design (38) Full back catalogue: All editions from Volume 16 to Volume 23 (excluding Vol. 20) 22€

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