The mission of the Green European Journal is to be an online platform for articles of interest to the Green movement across Europe. These articles can vary in style and length; for example, they can provide an economic analysis on the problems with the Eurozone, or they can provide a critical view of democracy at EU level. They can also be articles that are short and sharp, or take a more detailed look at an issue. What is essential is that the article stimulates thought and debate, and communicates to the reader the situation in your country or policy area.


The best way to ensure your article is read, and for people to comment on it, is for it to be between 1,200 and 1,700 words.


The Green European Journal aims to provoke debate and discussion, and this should be kept in mind when writing or submitting your article. Try and ensure your article is written in a way to appeal to the widest possible audience, so if you reference something in your country, try and do so in a way that explains it to those from other countries. Try and keep technical or academic language to a minimum, and where you have to use such language, try and include an explanation for those not familiar with such terminology!

The GEJ isn’t an academic publication, so footnotes are discouraged unless they are absolutely necessary.

Questions about grammar and language are resolved by use of the European Commission’s Style Guide.


The Green European Journal publishes printed thematic editions which focus on a number of different topics. In between these editions, the GEJ publishes articles on its website. These articles can be in response to the latest edition, or written about a different topic. There is no limit to the number of topics that the GEJ can address, and the only requirement is that the topic addressed will interest other Europeans and encourage them to respond and become involved in a debate.


The Green European Journal is published in English. The GEJ does publish in other languages where possible, to ensure its work reaches the widest possible audience. If you would like to translate an article for the GEJ, that is always welcome and please get in touch!

At present, articles may be submitted in English, French, German, Dutch, Hungarian, and Spanish. If your article is written in a different language, GEJ is able to translate, but please write a short summary of the article in one of the above languages.

Reproduction and Copyright

GEJ is happy to translate and republish articles from national publications, in order to widen the audience reached by the content. Please ensure that you are able to provide us with the rights to use the article you submit. The GEJ always welcomes republication of its articles in other publications, put please get in touch with us to discuss this as different articles may have different copyright requirements.

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