Upcoming Edition on Security and Protection: Call for papers

The next edition of the Green European Journal will focus on the issues of security and protection in the context of current developments in Europe. Beyond the widespread security discourses and the populist, reactionary or isolationist instrumentalisation of the concept of protection, the Journal wants to connect analyses of socioeconomic, physical and cultural forms of insecurity in Europe with an exploration of distinctive Green responses and approaches.

Over the past decade, the perceived threat of terrorism and the impact of the global financial collapse have rendered central the issue of security in Europe. This has been heightened by a growing sense of social insecurity stemming from a triumphant globalisation whose price was paid by the poorest and most vulnerable groups in society. The weakening of the welfare state and unequal results of globalisation have been accompanied by complex and sometimes imperceptible feelings of cultural and identity insecurity, which are currently sharpening social polarisation and divisions, and shaking the liberal consensus of a tolerant, open and multicultural society. Armed with their nostalgia politics and exhortations to “take back control”, scaremongers, isolationists and nationalists use and abuse notions of security, protection and control in their rhetoric to rally voters to their camp. In the context and political landscape of Europe today, in which socioeconomic, physical and cultural forms of insecurity seem to reinforce each other, what is the Green politics of security and protection? What can Greens and progressive forces offer in these times of anger and fear?


Contributions should provide perspectives from different levels (local, national, European, global) and different approaches that explore what are the forms and sources of insecurity today in Europe and what are distinctive progressive visions and measures for security and protection provision to European citizens.

Some of the central questions this edition of the Journal will seek to address are:

  • What are the real and perceived sources of insecurity today in Europe? (e.g. in the areas of social protection, defence, technology, identity politics, trade/protectionism, rule of law, energy, climate and environment, geopolitics, digital security, democracy, etc.)
  • What kind of security do European citizens expect? What is the role of Europe in providing this?
  • What visions and measures do Green and progressive actors put forward as political answers in the present times of fear and anger around Europe? How are Greens and progressive forces to address these emotions?
  • What is or could be a distinctive Green and progressive security and protection policy?
  • How are Greens to adopt a new narrative that answers today’s challenges? Can a more positive or hopeful discourse of security and protection be elaborated, to rival the tone of the current debate?
  • How can elements from outside the realm of politics (culture, society, education, science, communication, etc.) contribute to a shift in the way most European citizens currently think about security and protection? How can these inform Green and progressive responses?


While the Green European Journal is a political journal that focuses on today’s realities, it is designed to look beyond daily politics. All types of contributions are welcome: Analytical and global articles or interviews; Political and policy articles or interviews; Case studies, feature stories or forward-looking pieces.


Deadlines and Editorial Requirements

The 15th edition of the GEJ has no intention of publishing only theoretical and academic articles on the issue. Far from that, we want to publish lively texts and interviews, to stimulate thought and debate, and all kinds of contributions that pursue this aim while helping to go beyond daily politics and contribute to and understand a European and local Green vision or approach are welcome.

Potential contributions should be sent to laurent.standaert@gef.eu and gej@gef.eu

The articles in a language other than English should be sent before 30 December 2016. Articles in English should be sent before 06 January 2017.

The GEJ currently accepts submissions in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, and Dutch. Articles in other languages should be accompanied by an abstract in one of the above languages.

We strongly advise you to send a brief summary, presentation of the author and overall length in English of the proposed article, before submitting an article or a final draft.

Before submitting an article please read carefully our editorial guidelines for editions.

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