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Alexander Bonde

Alexander Bonde is Minister for Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection in the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg.


Potencjał wiejskiej gospodarki

Wieś ma potencjał tworzenia dobrobytu. Aby go wykorzystać, trzeba harmonijnie połączyć produkcję rolną, ochronę przyrody i turystykę – pisze zielony minister Badenii-Wirtembergii ds. wsi i ochrony konsumentów Alexander Bonde.

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EU Agricultural Policy at a Crossroads: the Vision of a Green Minister for Rural Affairs

The German Greens won the premiership of the German land (region) of Baden-Württemberg in 2011, giving them a unique opportunity to implement green policies across a range of areas. For food and agriculture, this meant an ambitious strategy based on high ecological quality standards, versus the industrialisation of our natural resources.

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