Amanda Machin

Amanda Machin is currently an interim Professor for International Political Studies and a member of the PPE Institute for Social and Institutional Change (ISIC) at the University of Witten/Herdecke in Germany.​ In her research, she focuses on radical democracy and the political dynamics, identifications and discourses of socio-ecological transformation.


Rally Around the Flag? The Far-Right Response to Covid-19

AfD, the Lega and the Swedish Democrats have all struggled to find a message amid the pandemic. However, things might be changing.

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Nationalising the Climate: Is the European Far Right Turning Green?

Research debunks the myth that far-right parties across Europe share a stance of climate denialism. But what might rising ‘climate nationalism’ mean?

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The Nature of Green Populism?

From Nigel Farage's Great British Countryside to the fields of Bavaria, what role does the environment play in far-right discourse?

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