Damien Demailly

Damien Demailly holds a PhD in economics, he worked in the green movement before joining IDDRI in 2012 to launch the “New Prosperity” programme.


The Sustainable Development Goals: An Opportunity for the EU

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are not just a tool for developing countries. They should drive EU responses to today's many challenges.

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Green Growth vs. Degrowth: Beyond a Sterile Debate

Discussions among proponents of green growth and those of degrowth often fall within the category of debates that are not fruitful. But it is possible to give structure to it and to try to develop a better understanding of the link between growth, globalisation, new technologies and well-being.

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The Aspirations of the Green Industrial Revolution: a Historical Perspective

The Green Industrial Revolution is clearly a positive and inspiring story, but there is room for doubting the ability of green technologies to stimulate a new wave of growth comparable to the industrial revolutions of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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