Joost Lagendijk

Joost Lagendijk (1957) is a political analyst and publicist based in Istanbul. He was a columnist for Turkish dailies Zaman and Today’s Zaman between 2010-2016 and worked as a senior adviser at the Istanbul Policy Center, the think tank of Sabanci University, between 2009 and 2012. From 2014-2016 he was a lecturer at Süleyman Shah University in Istanbul. As a Member of the European Parliament for the Dutch Greens from 1998 till 2009, he specialised in EU enlargement to Turkey and the Balkans. He wrote five books in Dutch, about the borders of Europe, about the foreign policy strategies of the U.S. and the EU, on Europe’s policy towards its Muslim neighbours (translated into English and Turkish) and on modern Turkey. His latest, a short biography of Turkish President Erdogan, will be published in October 2016. Born in the Netherlands, he graduated as a historian from Utrecht University.


Wie drukt het eerst op de resetknop: Turkije of de EU?

Sinds de mislukte coup van juli 2016 trekt de Turkse president Erdogan steeds meer macht naar zich toe. Veel critici zijn hun baan kwijt en de pers is aan banden gelegd. Turkije-kenner Joost Lagendijk, die in Istanbul woont, kan sinds eind september het land niet meer in. Het referendum van 16 april a.s. moet Erdogans […]

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Who Will Press the Reset Button First: Turkey or the EU?

The upcoming referendum in Turkey might give President Erdogan even greater power, threatening democratic rights in the country.

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How to Deal with Post-Coup Turkey?

After the failed coup d’état in July this year the EU has to re-position itself vis à vis post-coup Turkey. Finding a formulation that satisfies the EU and is acceptable to Turkey will not be easy.

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