Vincent Liegey

Vincent Liegey is an engineer, spokesperson for the French Degrowth Movement and the Degrowth Party (PPLD: Parti Pour La Décroissance), coordinator of the Budapest Degrowth Conference and co-author of the book A Degrowth Project-Manifesto for an Unconditional Autonomy Allowance. He is also coordinator of the degrowth-inspired Cargonomia, a social cooperative centre for sustainable logistical solutions and local food distribution by cargobikes in Budapest.


The Malaise of the Old Left Represents an Opportunity for Degrowth

These days, the degrowth movement is not interested in provocation anymore. Instead it wants to stimulate discussions amongst the people who believe that it is possible to decolonise our minds. Vincent Liegey, the coordinator of the latest Degrowth Conference says that the movement’s impact is already visible in many party programmes

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Degrowth: a Strategy to Counter the Crisis?

The idea of degrowth has always been a strain Green thought, but what exactly would degrowth mean for our economy, society and relationship with the planet? Does degrowth provide the answer to the social and ecological crisis?

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