Packed with original content, biannual editions of the Green European Journal explore in-depth a variety of topics ranging from the future of Europe to the different worlds of green politics today.

Print editions are available to read online in their entirety. You can also subscribe to get two print editions a year delivered directly to your door, and you can order past issues.

Green European Journal - Checkpoint Europe: The Return of Borders
Volume 12 Checkpoint Europe: The Return of Borders

Borders are back! After 60 years of peace in Europe and the gradual abolition of its internal borders, Europe is now experiencing the full force of the backlash.

Green European Journal - Connecting the Struggles
Volume 11 Connecting the Struggles

Can we connect the local struggles playing out across Europe and beyond? And if so – what does the bigger picture look like? The latest edition of the Green European Journal aims to find out!

Green European Journal - Peace, Love and Intervention
Volume 10 Peace, Love and Intervention

The 10th edition of the Green European Journal seeks to identify what makes the Green approach to foreign affairs distinctive, and asks whether ideals of peaceful resolution can stand up against the reality of a world ridden with complexity and conflict.

Green European Journal - A Climate for Change
Volume 9 A Climate for Change

The 9th edition of the Green European Journal has been released and deals with a burning hot topic: climate change.

Green European Journal - The Green Fights For Europe
Volume 8 The Green Fights For Europe

What has the Green movement been able to achieve and what will be the next key challenges for Europe and for the Greens?

Green European Journal - Taming the Giant – Towards a Sustainable Financial System
Volume 7 Taming the Giant – Towards a Sustainable Financial System

How to create a financial system that helps, not destroys, the real economy? Seven years on from the financial crisis that heralded the great recession, this question remains unresolved.

Green European Journal - Green Industry in a Post-Industrial Society
Volume 6 Green Industry in a Post-Industrial Society

What will industry look like in a sustainable economy? At a time when we are facing both an economic and an environment crisis, it is a question we cannot avoid.

Green European Journal - Food: The (Agri)cultural Revolution
Volume 5 Food: The (Agri)cultural Revolution

What is the future of our relationship with food and agriculture?

Green European Journal - Equality and Sustainability
Volume 4 Equality and Sustainability

Can an economy and society really be sustainable without being equal? And do inequalities within and between Member States threaten the future of the EU?

Green European Journal - Beyond Growth/Degrowth
Volume 3 Beyond Growth/Degrowth

The focus of this edition is on the debate over economic growth – can economic growth continue? And if not, what alternatives might exist?

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