Packed with original content, biannual editions of the Green European Journal explore in-depth a variety of topics ranging from the future of Europe to the different worlds of green politics today.

Print editions are available to read online in their entirety. You can also subscribe to get two print editions a year delivered directly to your door, and you can order past issues.

Green European Journal - Equality and Sustainability
Volume 4 Equality and Sustainability

Can an economy and society really be sustainable without being equal? And do inequalities within and between Member States threaten the future of the EU?

Green European Journal - Beyond Growth/Degrowth
Volume 3 Beyond Growth/Degrowth

The focus of this edition is on the debate over economic growth – can economic growth continue? And if not, what alternatives might exist?

Green European Journal - Surviving Austerity
Volume 2 Surviving Austerity

This second edition aims to provoke debate on how Europe and the Greens can emerge stronger and more united from this difficult economic time.

Green European Journal - Debating in the Maelstrom: Do the Greens Have the Answers to the Crisis?
Volume 1 Debating in the Maelstrom: Do the Greens Have the Answers to the Crisis?

The first edition focuses on the economic crisis in the EU, but also connects it to the democratic crisis, arguing that they are two sides of the same coin.

Green European Journal - Stress Tests: The European Project Under Pressure
Stress Tests: The European Project Under Pressure

This edition features a collection of highlights previously published in the GEJ, alongside some new pieces. The articles shed light on some of the central dilemmas confronting Europe at the moment – from TTIP to migration, from solidarity to finance.

Green European Journal - Mapping the Green Transformation
Mapping the Green Transformation

This edition focuses on four key debates the that Journal has identified as being crucial to the future of Europe: federalism; sustainability; solidarity; and hospitality.

Green European Journal - The Green Democratic Reboot
The Green Democratic Reboot

This issue is structured around three principles categories: the Green understanding of democracy, Green foundations in Europe and concrete initiatives to promote active citizenship.

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