Alain Lipietz

Alain Lipietz is a French economist, philosopher, and a former MEP for EELV.


A Window of Opportunity: The Challenge of Uniting the French Left

Greens have joined forces with left-wing parties for the upcoming French legislative elections, but have the lessons of the presidential campaign been learned?

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Where Next for the French Greens?

In a France dominated by leaders without movements and rocked by movements without leaders, can political ecology build on EU election success to help fix the crisis of representation?

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France and Macron’s Europe

Green economist and philosopher Alain Lipietz explains the state of play in France and Macron's vision for Europe. Is there space for pro-European progressive forces?

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Beneath the Surface of the Crisis: A Closer Look at the state of French Greens

Without a doubt, the news of Jean Vincent Placé (leader of Green group in the French Senate) and other Green members’ departure from the group – during the summer 2015 after having accused others in the party Europe Ecologie Les Verts (EELV) of “shifting too far left” and demanding too much of the Socialist government – was a relief to the Greens and their supporters. But, it is far from fully cathartic, perhaps partly because losing members is always a failure.

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Policy in a Time of Monsters: Ten theses

To diagnose the malaise which political ecology suffers from in the current political system, beset by crises of both economic and cultural natures, we must first examine the position of the Greens in the political landscape, and their relation to both the Left and the Right.

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France: Epicentre of the ‘Malbouffe’ Crisis

The changes to agriculture in post-war France have had a devastating impact on the environment and on public health. Such changes were the product of international trade agreements and big agri-business, meaning solutions are unlikely to come from the top down. It must be local and small produces that come to the rescue.

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Fears & hopes: The end of an economic model and the Green alternative

The present crisis already appears to be as serious as the Great Depression of the Thirties, but what does it mean for the future of our economic system? And what is the Green alternative?

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