Carmen Madorrán Ayerra

Carmen Madorrán Ayerra studied philosophy at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where she is now also a teacher and trainee researcher. She is a member of the university’s Interdisciplinary Research Group for socio-ecological transitions (GinTRANS2). Her work focuses on contemporary political philosophy and contemporary ethics.


Una Mirada Ecosocial al Transhumanismo

En esta segunda entrega de nuestra serie sobre la Cuarta Revolución Industrial, Carmen Madorrán Ayerra analiza el surgimiento del transhumanismo, cuestionando si esta visión utópica es creíble en un contexto de crisis social y ecológica.

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An Eco-Social Perspective on Transhumanism

Tracing the rise of transhumanism, the techno-utopian philosophy that provides no answer to social and environmental crisis.

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