Jedrzej Niklas

Jedrzej Niklas has a PhD in international human rights law. He is currently working at Department of Media and Communications at London School of Economics (LSE) and is a fellow at Centre for Internet & Human Rights, European University Viadrina. His research focuses on the relations between human rights, data-driven technologies, public institutions and civil society organisations.


Technologia nie zagwarantuje równości

Algorytmy - trudne do zrozumienia, ale mające coraz większy wpływ na życie społeczne i polityczne. Skąd wzięła się ich moc i co ona oznacza? Jędrzej Niklas z London School of Economics rozmawia z Bartłomiejem Kozekiem o tym, dlaczego nie powinniśmy zostawiać ich w rękach informatyków.

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Technology is No Guarantee of Equality

Algorithms: supposedly neutral but in fact liable to perpetuate various forms of discrimination, including against women and people of colour. How do they exert such power, and what are the stakes?

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