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Jens Althoff

Jens Althoff is director of the Paris Office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. He was spokesperson of the Green Party of Germany for eight years. Afterwards he worked as Senior Advisor for foreign and security policy and media relations for the Member of the European Parliament, Reinhard Bütikofer.


Marianne et Michel Se Font la Tête

Depuis les origines, le « moteur franco-allemand » a une place particulière dans la construction européenne. C’est sa cohésion politique et sa solidarité dans les moments de crise qui ont fortement contribué à « l’esprit européen ». Mais quand le couple va mal, c’est toute la famille européenne qui trinque.

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Engine Breakdown or Power Shortage? How the Franco-German Engine Is No Longer Driving Europe

Since the outset, the ‘Franco-German engine’ has been the driving force in the European construction process.

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