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Weronika Grzebalska

Weronika Grzebalska is a PhD researcher in Sociology at the Graduate School for Social Research in Warsaw and author of the book “Płeć powstania warszawskiego” [Gender of the Warsaw Uprising, IBL and NCK 2013]. Her work focuses on militarism and right-wing politics seen from a gender-sensitive perspective. Her PhD project explores the recent processes of militarization in Poland against the background of the crisis of neoliberal governmentality. She is also a board member of the Polish Gender Studies Association and a member of FEPS Young Academics Network.


Green Observatory: Security

With European countries facing multiple security challenges, the question of security and defense measures is high on the political agenda. Experts, activists, & politicians active in this field discuss developments in their national contexts, the role of the EU, as well as the position and policies of Greens, who have historically had a difficult relationship to security & defence issues, preferring to focus on multilateralism and soft power measures.

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