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Tomáš Jungwirth

Tomáš graduated from Law at the Charles University in Prague, and democracy and human rights in the Western Balkans at the universities of Sarajevo and Bologna. He works as a policy officer in the Consortium of Migrants Assisting Organizations in the Czech Republic and as a research fellow in AMO, a Czech think-tank. He has been a member of the Czech Greens since 2009 and at present chairs their working group for foreign affairs.


Green Observatory: Security

With European countries facing multiple security challenges, the question of security and defense measures is high on the political agenda. Experts, activists, & politicians active in this field discuss developments in their national contexts, the role of the EU, as well as the position and policies of Greens, who have historically had a difficult relationship to security & defence issues, preferring to focus on multilateralism and soft power measures.

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