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The Age of Security Populists
Society, Media and Culture

In a context where acts of terrorism and violence provide justification for increasingly intrusive interference with the rights of citizens, what international frameworks exist to limit government surveillance and how effective are they? What can be done at the EU level to complement those safeguarding mechanisms?

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Three Futures for Trade Unions in 2049
Green transition

Climate change and digitalisation will shape the 21st century, but society’s ability to determine the future should not be downplayed. Christophe Degryse, head of the Foresight Unit at the European Trade Union Institute, explores how social movements such as trade unions, business groups, and political parties adapt to these trends will be pivotal in constructing the social model of the decades to come.

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Delivering Green Mobility in 2049
Green transition

The European transport sector needs a transformation if it is to support a green Europe in 2049. Solutions to transport’s most pressing environmental problems are emerging, but will bring their own challenges. Sustainable mobility experts Ian Skinner, Huib van Essen, and Anouk van Grinsven analyse what the opportunities and dilemmas mean for how we live and move, and outline how policy-makers can best respond.

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The Nature of Green Populism?

The rise of populism across Europe and beyond has been widely acknowledged, achieving significant electoral success in recent years, in Germany, France and the UK to name but a few. Amanda Machin and Oliver Wagener explore the lesser noted and intriguing appearance of environmental themes within these populist parties’ manifestos.

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Plastic Promises: Industry Seeking to Avoid Binding Regulations

We are drowning in plastic. It is hard to exaggerate the scale and urgency of the challenge facing the world, to substantially reduce our plastics use, and to ensure we reuse and recycle as much and as quickly as possible. Vicky Cann from the Corporate Europe Observatory details how highly active corporate lobbyists are seeking to avoid binding regulations and are granted the lion's share of access to European Commission officials.

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