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A Food Policy for Europe

Instead of policy which pulls in different directions, Europe needs an integrated food policy that supports more local attempts at a sustainable and productive food system. Co-chair of the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food) Olivier De Schutter explores the urgent need for reform of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy.

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The Environmental Dividend: Greening in Times of Populism
Climate and Energy

Environmental taxes advocated by Green parties such as road pricing give rise to social resistance and populist criticism. There is, however, a response to the mistrust of green taxation. Richard Wouters explores the potential of the environmental dividend to drum up support for much needed but controversial green taxes.

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‘Ugly Bruxy’ or Bruxelles ‘Re-Belle’?
Society, Media and Culture

A searing diatribe by a journalist bemoaning the flaws of the ‘Capital of Europe’ sparked much debate on the state of Brussels today, around both its aesthetic attributes as well as the processes going on beneath its surface. Closer inspection reveals how the tangles and disjointedness of the city’s politics are mirrored in its public face, yet some ‘Bruxellois’ argue that the city does not deserve its bad press.

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Guardians of the Property: Pop-Up Housing for Pop-Up People
Society, Media and Culture

Across London and other European cities, a new way of living is taking root: property guardianship. Whilst ostensibly a win-win situation for everyone, this industry is a symptom of the desperate state of urban housing and ultimately reinforces the factors that caused it, as well as normalising lower conditions and precarity.

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Media Capture Central European Style
Society, Media and Culture

With foreign owners leaving the media market, Central and Eastern European oligarchs are buying whatever they can get their hands on. The region is a prime example of how vested interests can create a quasi-monopoly on media and information, cementing control and influence over opinions. Krisztian Simon zooms in on newer EU Member States to see what threats loom for the public spheres of young democracies.

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