Reinhard Olschanski

Dr Reinhard Olschanski studied philosophy, music, politics, and German language and literature in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Urbino (Italy). His doctoral thesis was written under the supervision of Axel Honneth. In addition to having held a range of teaching posts, Dr Olschanski has many years’ experience as a political advisor in the German Bundestag, the State Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia, and the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg. Dr Olschanski has published widely on a variety of topics including politics, philosophy, music, and culture.


Germany: Towards a Socio-Ecological Market Society?

The government that takes power after September 2021 will have crucial choices to make - but what might it look like?

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Beyond the Berlin Republic: Germany’s Road to the Polls

As campaigning for the German federal elections intensifies, we look at the path ahead for parties in the race.

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Pixelated Truth: Covid-19 and the Battle for Reason

The Coronavirus pandemic has become a battleground, with far-right forces leading the attack and undermining respect for nature, science and reason.

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After Industrialism: Reviving Nature in the 21st Century

Ecological thinking situates the human in the modern world far more accurately than old industrialism ever did.

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Green Space in the History of Political Ideas

Liberalism, conservatism and socialism have long been seen as the dominant political paradigms of modernity. But these centuries-old frameworks are no longer unchallenged.

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