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The Green Wave podcast, showcasing in audio a selection of articles from the Green European Journal.

Covering progressive politics and green ideas from a range of perspectives from across Europe and beyond. Available for you to listen wherever and whenever you want.

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Natalie Bennett discusses the hard-won gains and shortcomings of the British legislation banning micro-plastics in cosmetics, the deep-rooted place plastic holds in British lifestyle, and the path to a society no longer needlessly reliant on plastic.

Written by Natalie Bennett and read by Julia Lagoutte.

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A fixation with growth in economics has seen GDP increase in proportion to environmental damage. As planetary limits draw ever closer and are even being surpassed, such a model cannot be sustained. Riccardo Mastini explains how a job guarantee could open up the way to a sustainable economic model.

Written by Riccardo Mastini and read by Julia Lagoutte.

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With tens of thousands of Estonian workers commuting between Tallinn and Helsinki, we look at a snapshot of Estonia’s ongoing struggle with brain drain.

Written by Silja Kudel and read by Julia Lagoutte.

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The Western healthcare system is facing an imminent upheaval caused by an ageing population, increase in the chronically ill, technological advances and a shortage of caregivers. Automation of medical work using artificial intelligence is one possible solution to this. But if the patient is the sole manager of their health, what happens to the other workers and stakeholders in the healthcare sector?

Written by Nathalie Schirvel and read by Julia Lagoutte.

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While data signals that the peak of the refugee crisis is over, thanks mostly to shady deals with third countries and developments in Syria, EU governments continue to treat migration with heightened emotion and political grandstanding. Edouard Gaudot reflects on Ivan Krastev’s latest book, After Europe, in which he declares that migration is now an “existential issue” for the EU.

Written by Edouard Gaudot and read by Julia Lagoutte.

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