Regulate or Ban? Artificial Intelligence Will Lead to Tough Choices

Striking a balance between harm prevention and excessive control is a major challenge when it comes to regulating AI.

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Fighting the “Privilege Hazard”: A Feminist Data Intervention

In a world where power is wielded unequally, data science is no exception.

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Algorithmic Governmentality and the Death of Politics

The legal philosopher questions the drive to rationalise all aspects of life through data and sets out possibilities for alternatives.

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Link Taxes and Upload Filters Will Not Fix the Internet

An interview with the Pirate MEP on what Article 11 and 13 of the EU’s proposed copyright directive could mean for internet freedom.

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Hardwiring the Future: The Threat of Discrimination by Design

If new technologies are not regulated boldly, we could find ourselves in a technochauvinist dystopia.

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Promise and Prejudice: When Algorithms Decide

As algorithms take more and more decisions for us, the moral, social, and political consequences of their processes must be examined.

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