Unlimited Powers in the Time of the Pandemic

A new emergency law has granted Prime Minister Viktor Orbán unlimited power to rule by decree. What does this mean for Hungary’s path away from democracy?

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Budapest Is Using Diplomacy to Fight for Democracy

What are the prospects and challenges for Budapest under green-left leadership?

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Economic and Social Rights Are Not Egalitarian

Human rights and neoliberalism both rose to prominence in the last decades of the 20th century, but what is the relationship between the two?

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Defeating Orbán’s Hybrid Regime

The Hungarian opposition has finally managed to stand united against the governing party at the October municipal election. Two analysts consider risks and opportunities for challenging Viktor Orbán’s ‘hybrid regime’ and democratising the country.

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“We need public financing of democracy”

The deep cracks unveiled by the yellow jacket protests in France reflect democratic institutions that have been steadily undermined. Julia Cagé discusses what it might take to fix them.

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Europe’s Broken Media Business Model

With accessible, quality information ever harder to come by, we look at the trends transforming the European media landscape today and the implications for democracy.

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Resisting Surveillance

The Harvard Business School Professor Emerita discusses the large-scale rollout of surveillance capitalism and the challenges this poses to democracy.

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“Democracy is like a Sand Castle”

UCL assistant professor Brian Klaas discusses the West’s role in global democratic decline and what should be done to reverse this trend.

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Less Fear, More Participation

How one area of Brussels is opening up city government with participatory democracy and driving forward the green transition.

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Political Turnover Will Help Democracy in Europe

Three proposals to revitalise stagnated democracy in Europe by giving voters clear choices on who is in power and what is at stake.

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