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The Challenge Facing the UK Greens Post-2017 ElectionPolitics

The UK Greens did not adapt to wider political changes before the general election & their vote halfed. How can they regain their distinctive voice?

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European Fire Governance in the Era of MegafiresEnvironment

The recent spate of wildfires in Portugal and elsewhere raises serious questions about the adequacy of European fire governance.

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We Need to Talk about the Militarisation of ConservationEnvironment

The conservation industry is pursuing an increasingly militarised approach, with serious consequences for local inhabitants.

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Deals with Dinosaurs: the DUPPolitics

The UK election result forced the Conservative Party into a deal with a little-known Northern Irish party - who are they? A comparative look with Poland.

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The Robot and Donald Trump: Technology and the Rise of Populism in the WestSociety, Media and Culture

Donald Trump secured his election success in the federal states that once made up the industrial heartland of the USA. The radical disruption that has shaped those areas offers a vivid indication of how technology is redefining the value creation process entirely. What can be done to reconcile technological progress and civic democracy?

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Understanding The Digital Revolution And What It MeansSociety, Media and Culture

What concrete changes can we expect from the 'digital revolution' & how can we deal with changes to work, policy-wise? Does a basic income help?

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From Power Sharing to Power Being Shared OutDemocracy

The precarious equilibrium that exists in Northern Ireland's politics is set to come under even greater strain as May seeks to form a new government in Westminster.

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Notes From an Island: One Year on from the Brexit ReferendumFuture of EU

One year on from the Brexit vote, Britain's new role in the world, and in Europe, is taking shape - what will it look like?

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We’re Living in a Time of “Maximum Dangers and Maximum Possibilities”Society, Media and Culture

We spoke to feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem about the far-right backlash, racism & why we should be "linked, not ranked".

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Pairing up to Repair Europe: France and GermanyPolitics

France & Germany make up the motor of Europe and partly determine its future, but what are their cooperation prospects in the face of 2017 elections?

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