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Why the EU Needs to Rethink its Approach to TechnologySociety, Media and Culture

The EU is often playing catchup with the rapidly evolving world of tech, ignoring its grave geopolitical implications.

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Peer Pressure: The Forces Steering Portugal Down a Greener PathDemocracy

Inês de Sousa Real explains how unemployment, corruption, and short-sighted policies are holding Portugal back from a greener future.

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The Difficult Business of Defining Climate RefugeesMigration

Might the term "climate refugee" cause more problems than it solves?

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Degrowth Is About Global JusticePost-Growth

Jason Hickel argues that only degrowth can steer the world away from its worsening ecological crisis. We sat down with him to discuss his new book and ask what degrowth would mean for relations between the Global North and South.

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The “White Saviour” Deal for NatureJustice

Recent proposals to preserve biodiversity rely on flawed ways of interacting with nature.

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The Denial Business: Exposing the Far Right’s Love Affair with Fossil FuelsPolitics

A ground-breaking new book demonstrates how far-right forces have constructed a worldview that refutes proven facts and logic.

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The Environmental Bias of Trade PolicyClimate and Energy

EU trade policy offers carbon-heavy industries an implicit subsidy to pollute, undermining efforts to tackle climate change.

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Fair Trade or Feel Good?Justice

The idea that fair trade labels will change the world economy is questionable. Often the main beneficiaries are not farmers in the Global South.

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Breaking the Cycle: Why Europe Must Back Climate ReparationsJustice

To achieve real economic justice, the current paradigm must be scrapped in favour of emancipating the Global South and addressing historic injustices.

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The Long Shadow of Injustice Over the Clothes We WearJustice

An examination of the violent history of the European textile industry, its effect on the Global South and its enduring model of exploitation.

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