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Turning Point for the Czech Republic? An interview with the Czech Greens LeaderUncategorised

With elections coming up in the Czech Republic, we spoke to Matěj Stropnický about the state of play & the Greens' chances.

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Prosperity without Growth: Economics in the Service of a Good Life for AllEnvironment

A review of the new edition - revised and expanded - of one of political ecology's recent classics, by Tim Jackson.

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France and Macron’s EuropeFuture of EU

Green economist & philosopher Alain Lipietz explains the state of play in France and Macron's vision for Europe. Is there space for alternative, progressive pro-European forces?

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Beyond Opposition – How to Break Conservative Rule in PolandDemocracy

Despite mass protests, Poland's ruling party retains its popularity & grip on power. How? And how can its dominance be countered?

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“Let’s Not Leave Emotion to the Populists!”Democracy

After waves of protest sweep through Poland again, yet still fail to make a dent in the dominance of the ruling right-wing government, we talked to sociologist Elżbieta Korolczuk about the Polish context, why the opposition is failing to make headway, and some strategies for progressive forces and the Left that can reclaim the all-important realm of emotions from the right-wing populists in the political discourse.

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A Food Policy for EuropeAgriculture

Instead of policy which pulls in different directions, Europe needs an integrated food policy that supports more local attempts at a sustainable and productive food system.

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Poles ApartDemocracy

Despite provoking huge protests in recent years, Poland's right-wing government does well in the polls - how can we account for this? Where is its liberal opposition and Brussels going wrong?

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Think Global, Act Local: The Role of Regional Actors in Climate ProtectionClimate and Energy

One state in Germany- alongside many in the US - is showing that sub-national actors can take a lead in protecting the climate.

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“Social justice for all? That’s like Harry Potter on TV on a saturday night”Politics

We talked strategy & political reality with Robert Habeck, who led the German Greens in their strongest state result this year.

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Are Some Cities Too Big To Be Saved? Hurricane Harvey and Lessons from South TexasClimate and Energy

Recent extreme weather events in the US can teach Europe valuable lessons about how to prepare for similar situations.

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