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The Value of Nature in the CityEnvironment

Municipalities that previously invested in rewilding initiatives are reaping their rewards during lockdowns.

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Ecology Starts at SchoolSociety, Media and Culture

School has fulfilled its mission by giving us tools to find knowledge but it hasn’t been able to prepare us for the challenge of the 21st century.

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Capital Versus Biosphere: An Eco-social Agenda Fit for the TimesGreen Transition

For a Covid-19 recovery that addresses both present and future needs, Europe will need to prioritise three key elements.

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Taking Back Control from Big Tech: The EU’s Digital PackageSociety, Media and Culture

The dangers of allowing big tech companies unfettered growth and enormous power have become clear. The digital space needs to be regulated according to a new set of principles that protect fundamental rights but also user freedoms. How to find that balance and enforce it will be the task of legislators, such as Dutch Green MEP Kim Van Sparrentak.

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The Curious Collapse of the Forum for DemocracyPolitics

How the paranoid political style triggered the implosion of what was a rising force on the Dutch radical right

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Just Transition: Time for a Rethink?Green Transition

Spain is leading the way with just transition, but the concept needs bringing up to speed to account for the impacts of accelerating digitalisation and automation.

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Will Dutch Voters Keep Right or Turn Left?Politics

Election campaigning is underway in the Netherlands, amid a climate of crisis and political scandal. Is the tide about to turn for opposition parties?

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A Socio-Ecological Contract for a Post-Pandemic EuropeWelfare and Social Issues

A conversation with the ETUI general director on what the pandemic has meant for workers and the window of opportunity to achieve a just and green recovery.

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Where Next for Spain’s Regions?Politics

For Spain, addressing regional tensions could go hand in hand with effective ecological transition that creates space for multiple identities to thrive.

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Vaccine Geopolitics, “Big” and “Small”, and Europe’s ChallengeGeopolitics

As the struggle against the pandemic continues, geopolitical tensions are contributing to fraying public confidence in vaccines across Europe.

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