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Germany’s Central European Strategy Bites BackPolitics

Zsuzsanna Végh examines the interplay of economic and political ties underpinning Germany’s relationship with the Visegrad countries.

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Binary Politics Can Be DangerousPolitics

For Peter Emerson, majoritarian systems always disenfranchise somebody. Instead, what politics should do empower people and communities to come to decisions as one.

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Asylum in a Climate-Changed World: Bridging the Protection Gap in the EUMigration

Maria Giovanna Manieri explains the policy framework affecting climate refugees and highlights prospects for Greens.

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How Natural Are Natural Climate Solutions?Green Transition

Frédéric Hache argues that, unless pursued with extreme care, natural climate solutions risk becoming just another offsetting tool – alibis for inaction and delay.

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The Secret History of RadiationClimate and Energy

Kate Brown talks to Aro Velmet about the secret history of radiation and what Chernobyl means in the era of climate change.

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The Strategic Implications of Renewable EnergyClimate and Energy

Daniel Scholten analyses the twists and turns that may lie ahead in Europe’s path to realise its goal of becoming a world leader in renewables.

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Europe Ecologie Les Verts after the EU elections: Do or DiePolitics

After its success at the 2019 European elections, can the French Greens break their pattern of constantly rising and falling green waves?

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“When it comes to China, we need to think bigger”Geopolitics

The world’s political order is in upheaval. Janka Oertel speaks about the Sino-American conflict, the 5G dispute, and Germany's role in formulating a new European China policy.

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Gender Ideology and the Crisis of Care in PolandPolitics

In Poland the incumbent right-wing Law and Justice party, backed by the Catholic Church, demonised LGBT organisations in its recent successful electoral campaign. Adam Ostolski spoke to feminist activist and scholar Agnieszka Graff about why gender politics have become central to Polish politics, taking a step back to analyse how the Right’s scapegoating of gender is a response to the same set of social issues that the Left attributes to neoliberalism.

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British Foreign Policy After BrexitGeopolitics

Christopher Hill’s latest book, The Future of British Foreign Policy, is an attempt to ground UK foreign policy post-Brexit in reality.

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