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Opportunism not Ideology: Fidesz’s Campaign Against Sexual MinoritiesPolitics

A new discriminatory law against LGBTQI+ people fits well into the long-running political strategy of Fidesz.

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The Radical Centre: German Greens Won’t Sit at the FringesPolitics

The Greens are in the spotlight ahead of the German federal election. What are the key issues shaping public debate and where does the party stand?

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Germany: Towards a Socio-Ecological Market Society?Politics

The government that takes power after September 2021 will have crucial choices to make - but what might it look like?

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Beyond the Berlin Republic: Germany’s Road to the PollsPolitics

As campaigning for the German federal elections intensifies, we look at the path ahead for parties in the race.

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Trapped in a Populist Imagination: Slovenia under JanšaPolitics

Prime Minister Janez Janša is locked in a war with imagined enemies, fuelled by conspiracies and a distorted view of history.

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“The Most Challenging Term Since 1989”: Uphill Struggle for the Polish GreensPolitics

The Green MP discusses the issues shaping the political debate in Poland and the prospect of the 2023 elections.

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Seeing Mobility in a New LightSociety, Media and Culture

Addressing challenges surrounding mobility today requires more than new infrastructure and regulations.

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Far From a Done Deal: Europe and the Nuclear Ban TreatyGeopolitics

The growth of stockpiles despite the multilateral push to ban the bomb means that Europe and the Greens need to reckon with nuclear politics.

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Mirroring Bias: Online Hate Speech and PolarisationSociety, Media and Culture

Torrential online abuse is reproducing structural inequalities and weakening democracy.

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