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“We would like to carry on working. Here in Budapest, where we belong.”Society, Media and Culture

Why is Hungary's Central European University under threat? One of its professors explains what's going on.

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The UK’s Counter-Extremism Agenda: Routine Punishment and Collective Self-PolicingJustice

The UK's counter-terrorism measures include the controversial Prevent strategy - why has it come under fire?

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The Beginning of the End? What Turkey’s Referendum Vote Tells UsSociety, Media and Culture

Does the result signal an inevitable decline of democracy or could it reinvigorate resistance across society?

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Investing in an Open Society – Why Autocrats Have Declared War on George SorosDemocracy

Why is Hungary's President Viktor Orbán cracking down on projects funded by Soros?

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What is Needed is a Progressive Vision of National SovereigntyDemocracy

Rather than letting the Right monopolise the idea of national sovereignty, the Left must construct a progressive vision of it and centre it in their politics.

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In Good Company: The German Energy Transition and its Echo in FranceClimate and Energy

France & Germany historically represented two different approaches to producing energy - are they growing closer?

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The Dutch Demise of Social Democracy: A Green Opportunity?Politics

A striking yet underreported feature of the recent Dutch elections was the downfall of the labour party. What led to this? What does it mean for Greens?

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Is Social Democracy Ever Coming Back?Politics

Is social democracy in irreversible decline or does it need to be reimagined by different forces, such as the Greens?

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France Has Voted for Renewal – But in Which Form?Politics

In the second and final round of the French presidential campaign - what kind of vision for renewal will French voters ultimately opt for?

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Side of CitizenshipSociety, Media and Culture

The origin and meanings of citizenship - what does it mean today in an era of mass migration and security fears?

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