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Northern Ireland: The Unhappy Ending Europe’s Story Must AvoidDemocracy

What does the latest flare-up of tensions in Northern Ireland tell us about progress towards reconciliation?

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The European Solution to the “Macedonian Question”Geopolitics

Stability in the Balkans depends on the success of North Macedonian statehood. This in turn can only be guaranteed by European integration.

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Between Common Currency and Common ValuesFuture of EU

Short-term fixes in times of crisis are no longer enough if the Eurozone is the key to an ever closer union.

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Anti-Racist Parties and Progressive Politics in the NetherlandsPolitics

Anti-racist parties are drawing strong turnout from voters with a migration background. Here's why.

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Europe and India in the Asian CenturyGeopolitics

From their democratic traditions to shared interests in technological development, Europe and India have much in common and to gain from cooperation.

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Transforming Work, Reimagining EducationPost-Growth

The need to reorganise work can be justified both in social and ecological terms. Yet such reorganisation would not be complete without questioning work’s dominance over other areas of life. Education is a key part of this transformation, but it must be viewed as something that helps people develop and thrive throughout their lives, rather than merely adapting them to the constraints of a neoliberal job market. Real lifelong learning can improve our lives by liberating our time, paving the way to a more equal society.

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Beyond the Growth ImperativePost-Growth

What does environmental economist Tim Jackson's latest book, Post Growth, have to say about breaking the growth chokehold?

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Can Human Rights Law Overcome Political Inaction?Justice

Recent victories in the courts show how a human rights framework can be an instrument to fight suffering and injustice.

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How Portugal Went From Far-Right Immunity to Fertile Ground for PopulistsPolitics

Until 2019, Portugal seemed unaffected by the right-wing populism on the rise elsewhere in Europe.

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How Greens in Government Are Tackling HomelessnessWelfare and Social Issues

Greens are driving responses to homelessness but the pandemic and the lack of support from governments threaten to set back these efforts.

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