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Rethinking the UK-EU Relationship in Post-Brexit BritainPolitics

As a no-deal Brexit seems increasingly likely, the Green Party of England and Wales must adopt a clear position on the future UK-EU relationship

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Fast-Tracking Europe’s Energy TransitionClimate and Energy

The EU and national governments have gone to work on recovery plans to be deployed against the imminent economic crisis. But how green are they?

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Hiding in the Concrete Jungle: Covid-19 and Eastern Europe’s Built HeritageWelfare and Social Issues

The pandemic has exposed how access to quality, safe housing is a major issue in Eastern European cities.

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Eastern Mediterranean Manoeuvres: Alternatives to Greece and Turkey’s TensionsGeopolitics

Peace, diplomacy and keeping fossil fuel in the ground can still prevail in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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Biden’s Victory Is a Glimmer of HopePolitics

Biden’s victory is a vindicating one for many, not least for grassroots movements. Despite the rhetoric of reconciliation, Trumpism is here to stay.

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Europe’s Blind Spot: The Movement Against Corruption in BulgariaDemocracy

The EU may turn a blind eye to attacks on rule of law by the Bulgarian government, but its people are demanding an end to endemic corruption.

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Sovereignty on a Changing Planet: Re-Reading Climate LeviathanGeopolitics

Does the authors’ vision of a coming planetary sovereignty – or of the alternatives - still hold?

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The Weight of LifeWelfare and Social Issues

Reimagining resilience and prosperity starts with restoring the dignity of all and a new social contract.

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The Doughnut Model for a Fairer, Greener AmsterdamFinance and Economy

As Brussels prepares to reform its economy on the basis of the doughnut model, Amsterdam is already taking the leap with its circular economy strategy.

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Brazil’s Battle Lines: Fighting for Democracy Amid a PandemicDemocracy

As battle lines are drawn, Brazilians face a high death toll, poor access to healthcare, distrust of government and grim future prospects.

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