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What next for the Czech Greens after electoral disaster?Politics

What lessons have the Czech Greens learnt from the last election, and how can they re-establish themselves as key players in Czech politics?

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Protecting data without stifling innovation: a question of regulation?Society, Media and Culture

With our data in the hands of web giants, can regulators stand up for civil liberties?

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The Kremlin’s loyal friends in EuropePolitics

An interview with political scientist Anton Shekhovtsov, expert of the entanglements between Europe's far right and the Kremlin.

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Food security at stake: What the Bayer-Monsanto merger means for EuropeAgriculture

Bad for our health and bad for business - the Bayer-Monsanto merger threatens crop diversity around the world.

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Challenging power: #MeToo and women’s rightsJustice

Could the #MeToo movement be a springboard to further change? Terry Reintke talks women's rights and fighting sexism online and offline.

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Baysanto: The Campaign against the Merger from HellAgriculture

The merger of chemical giant Bayer with Monsanto could concentrate food industry power to an unprecedented extent.

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Italy’s elections: what do they mean for Europe?Politics

Distinguishing between drama and reality is key to understanding an Italian election that lacks substance on all sides when it comes to Europe.

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Lost in the numbers: the missing politics of big dataSociety, Media and Culture

Big data: omnipresent but mostly invisible. How can politics catch up with Silicon Valley and get a grip on our information?

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Left to the Locals: the European towns working to integrate refugeesMigration

As many EU countries fail to provide a comprehensive refugee policy, local actors take matters into their own hands.

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Tax havens must be closed, but not for the reasons you thinkFinance and Economy

It's not just about the tax havens, the state can do better than blaming tax evasion for poor public services.

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