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The Cobra Effect: “Fighting” Migration Gets Europe NowhereMigration

Oxford anthropologist Ruben Andersson discusses how EU migration policies have proved counterproductive, calling instead for a systemic approach.

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Youth Lead the Way on the Climate EmergencyClimate and Energy

The eruption of a global youth climate movement has given the fight against climate warming a fresh face. In response to adults' irresponsibility, children become guardians of humanity's future.

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Ukraine and Europe from Chernobyl to ZelenskyGreen Transition

A conversation on the nuclear energy debate in 2019, the future of Ukraine under Zelensky, and where climate action is headed in the years to come.

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How Do EU Free Trade Agreements Protect Workers?Welfare and Social Issues

Jean-Claude Juncker's outgoing EU Commission emphasised a fair approach to trade – how far do the steps it has taken go towards protecting workers?

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“We need public financing of democracy”Democracy

The deep cracks unveiled by the yellow jacket protests in France reflect democratic institutions that have been steadily undermined. Julia Cagé discusses what it might take to fix them.

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The Future of Basic Income in FinlandWelfare and Social Issues

Trials in recent years, an advanced national debate and a new progressive majority in Parliament make Finland a key context to follow for basic income developments.

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An Eco-Social Perspective on TranshumanismSociety, Media and Culture

Tracing the rise of transhumanism, the techno-utopian philosophy that provides no answer to social and environmental crisis.

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Europe’s Broken Media Business ModelDemocracy

With accessible, quality information ever harder to come by, we look at the trends transforming the European media landscape today and the implications for democracy.

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The Limits of Geopolitical ThinkingGeopolitics

A conversation on the geopolitical world Europe finds itself in, how different powers think about foreign relations differently, and what this all means for Eastern Europe.

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Belarus in the Multipolar WorldPolitics

Strong ties with Russia prevent Belarus from becoming a fully neutral and independent state. To maintain sovereignty, Minsk must find its place in the multipolar world.

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