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Walking the Tightrope: Can the German Greens be the Party of All People?Politics

The German Greens entered government with an ambitious programme for the country. But circumstances have meant tough decisions and changed priorities.

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EU Taxonomy: The Dirty Politics of Greenwashing EnergyClimate and Energy

Following the European Parliament’s approval, the European Commission is pressing ahead with its plans to classify fossil gas and nuclear as “green” energy.

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Should Europe Worry About Nuclear Escalation in Ukraine?Geopolitics

The ropes of deterrence are alarmingly short, and Putin may be willing to risk it all.

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The Case for Not FlyingClimate and Energy

With a 2.8 per cent share of the global CO2 emissions from fossil fuel, aviation must not escape climate action.

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Affordable, Sustainable Housing Can Bring the Green Deal HomeGreen Transition

Housing markets in Europe are unsustainable on many levels. Effective policies are urgently needed to avert a crisis.

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Cultivating Authoritarianism: Orbán’s Political Education ProjectWelfare and Social Issues

Beneath the facade of reforms, Orbán's education policies deepen inequalities and place schools at the whims of Fidesz' power.

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For the French Greens, There Is Power in DisruptionPolitics

With France’s politics in flux, political ecology needs to evolve if it is to set itself apart and succeed.

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Is Degrowth the Future?Post-Growth

A new book exploring the origins, sub-currents, and evolution of degrowth, as well as the solutions it offers for the future.

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Accession and the Meaning of European CitizenshipFuture of EU

EU enlargement means extending European citizenship as well as its borders. What might be the impact of the ongoing accession talks?

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The End of Privacy?Justice

The Pegasus scandal shows that surveillance in Europe has reached unprecedented levels, a result of technological progress and a lack of oversight.

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