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Public Abundance is the Secret to the Green New DealGreen Transition

As the COVID-19 crisis has further highlighted, local public services are essential to achieve a sustainable and democratic life.

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Green Growth and the Right Kind of InnovationFinance and Economy

Celebrated economist Mariana Mazzucato argues that the opponents of growth are focused on the wrong target. The real problem is the kind of growth.

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Environmental Justice and the EU’s Relationship with Latin AmericaFinance and Economy

It is time for Europe to fulfil its desired role as a standard-bearer in environmental, social and gender-based protection.

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Basic Income and Pandemic PreparednessWelfare and Social Issues

As we think about building societies that can be ready for pandemics and resilient to shocks, basic income needs to be part of the picture.

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The EU-Mercosur Trade Deal Must Be StoppedFinance and Economy

Still to be ratified, the EU-Mercosur agreement could entrench centuries-old inequality between the two regions, as well as threaten the planet.

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We Cannot Entrust Our Dreams to the Ballot BoxPolitics

This interview on eco-social struggle in Latin America highlights the importance of social movements and warns against the illusion of change from above.

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Imagining a Virtuous Break with the Modern AgeSociety, Media and Culture

Abundance and Freedom by Pierre Charbonnier is an environmental history of ideas that links changing patterns in land use to political thought as it developed in the modern era.

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Can the Centre Hold?Politics

From Brexit to climate change and coronavirus-induced economic shock, new issues cut across old divides. But how did they emerge? How is the centre ground made?

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Political Cynicism and the Polish Presidential ElectionsPolitics

This May’s presidential elections in Poland have been postponed for now but dilemmas remain in a political scene where cynicism permeates voter choices and perspectives.

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Populism and the Legacy of Transition in Eastern EuropePolitics

Thirty years after Eastern European states began their transition out of socialism, the outcomes of the process are still contested.

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