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Resisting SurveillanceDemocracy

The Harvard Business School Professor Emerita discusses the large-scale rollout of surveillance capitalism and the challenges this poses to democracy.

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Do We Want to Advance Towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution?Society, Media and Culture

In the first of a three-part series, we look at how blind optimism must be replaced by a societal debate in which technological advances are held accountable.

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“Democracy is like a Sand Castle”Democracy

UCL assistant professor Brian Klaas discusses the West's role in global democratic decline and what should be done to reverse this trend.

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Time to Rebel: Civil Disobedience for the PlanetEnvironment

A discussion with the Extinction Rebellion activist on the international climate group's disruptive tactics in London and their demands for climate action.

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Sex in Colonial Empires and Its Legacy in Europe TodaySociety, Media and Culture

Feminist and historian Christelle Taraud discusses her research into the representation of race and sex in North Africa under French colonial rule and its legacy today.

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Belgium and its Green Parties at the CrossroadsPolitics

A month on from the national, regional and EU elections in Belgium and the dust is still settling. How did the Greens fare and what possibilities lie ahead?

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Everybody’s Survival: the Growing Hunger for Climate JusticeJustice

A French petition to have the state's duty and failure to act on climate recognised is part of a global movement which is picking up speed.

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Why the Extinction Rebellion Movement is Morally JustifiedJustice

Drawing on political theory and environmental philosophy, Jeff Justice makes the case for legitimate rebellion in the face of government inaction on climate.

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A Politics Beyond FearPolitics

Sociologist Karolina Wigura calls for a move from the pervasive politics of fear which has seen the rise of the far-right to a politics with a positive vision based on hope.

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Green Space in the History of Political IdeasPolitics

Liberalism, conservatism and socialism have long been seen as the dominant political paradigms of modernity. But these centuries-old frameworks are no longer unchallenged. Environmentalism, in the broad sense, draws from all three and yet offers a distinct, universal political outlook that responds to fundamental problems of (post-)industrial society.

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