Can the Green Transition Solve Spain’s Educational Paradox?

Cristina Suárez Vega on whether vocational education in emerging green sectors can help Spain’s young people escape stubbornly high unemployment.

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Just Transition Is About Systemic Change

Examining how Just Transition could be the key to tackling intersecting crises of environmental breakdown, social injustice, and global inequality.

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Anthropogenic Venice: Surviving Life in a Lagoon

Venice‘s changing relationship with the lagoon surrounding it could herald the decline of the city and its ecosystem.

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Communities Against Climate Change: Exploring Resilience in Rural Scotland

Rosanna Harvey-Crawford examines local resilience and community projects in rural Scotland.

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Democracy, Degrowth, and the Politics of Limits

Democracy has always been a core principle of the many shades of green politics. We explore the intellectual roots of degrowth theories in democracy.

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Where We Mine: Resource Politics in Latin America

The energy transition in the Global North risks being anything but just without structural changes to supply chains and the governance of extractive industries.

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Capital Versus Biosphere: An Eco-social Agenda Fit for the Times

For a Covid-19 recovery that addresses both present and future needs, Europe will need to prioritise three key elements.

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Just Transition: Time for a Rethink?

Spain is leading the way with just transition, but the concept needs bringing up to speed to account for the impacts of accelerating digitalisation and automation.

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Paris on Two Wheels: Leading the Race?

An ambitious policy to encourage cycling sparked by the pandemic has the potential to transform the French capital’s transport landscape.

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Green Transition in China: At What Cost?

China’s action on climate is often touted as decisive and admirable. But its human and environmental costs cannot be ignored.

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