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Economic and Social Rights Are Not EgalitarianDemocracy

Human rights and neoliberalism both rose to prominence in the last decades of the 20th century, but what is the relationship between the two?

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Basic Income in Scotland: Progress in a Time of ChaosWelfare and Social Issues

Interest in basic income is growing in Scotland and across the United Kingdom. Can we expect trials from the Scottish government and where might the momentum lead?

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The Austrian Greens Make Their ComebackPolitics

From appealing across the rural-urban divide to new electoral coalitions, the lessons from Austria's election are relevant for green and progressive parties all over Europe.

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The Children Who Accuse UsClimate and Energy

Inside the climate movement, journalist Rosalie Salaün talks to young activists to understand what is driving them and where their politics is going.

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Europe and the Western Balkans: Dull Reality and Unrealistic ExpectationsFuture of EU

An analysis of how and why the EU accession process for the Western Balkans seems to be going nowhere, and what this might mean for the region.

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MeTooEP: Rooting Out Sexual Harassment in the European ParliamentWelfare and Social Issues

The MeTooEP movement shone a light on sexual harassment in European Parliament. Despite important progress, much remains to be done.

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Imagining the Transition from the Grass RootsGreen Transition

In the transition to a sustainable society, imagination is key. An interview with the Transition Network co-founder on how local networks can leverage change for a better future.

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The Neoliberal Fuel to the Anti-Gender MovementWelfare and Social Issues

If progressives want to fight the movement against so-called ‘gender ideology’, they need to break with neoliberalism.

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The Climate Justice Movement in the Czech Republic Has Broken the Silence. Now What?Climate and Energy

Now that the issue of climate has entered the Czech public debate, how can progressives push for a paradigm shift in energy policy?

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Rational Hope: Connecting Hard Truth with Climate SolutionsClimate and Energy

Scientist Katharine Hayhoe discusses her experiences speaking truth to climate denialism and how rational hope must guide the way forward.

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