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Unlimited Powers in the Time of the PandemicDemocracy

A new emergency law has granted Prime Minister Viktor Orbán unlimited power to rule by decree. What does this mean for Hungary’s path away from democracy?

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Progress Isn’t Progress Unless It’s FairWelfare and Social Issues

To prevent the crystalisation of existing hierarchies and oppression, techno-scientific advances must keep freedom, equality, and sustainability as guiding principles.

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Fighting for Just and Sustainable TradeFinance and Economy

Can global trade be reformed to be the vector for technology and progress proclaimed by its supporters whilst avoiding the social and ecological damage denounced by its critics?

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Why the Green New Deal Needs Local Action to SucceedGreen Transition

The success of the Green New Deal hinges on building widespread support through local organising to show that real change is possible.

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Why Technology Divides the Green MovementSociety, Media and Culture

From policy matters to debates over strategy, this divide shapes political visions with the green camp and beyond. In order to navigate it, its roots must first be understood.

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Where is China Heading on Climate?Climate and Energy

China’s projected image of ambitious climate actor is contradicted by fossil fuel investments abroad and its prioritisation of economic growth.

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Basic Income in Scotland: A Grassroots ViewWelfare and Social Issues

Why is basic income gaining grassroots support as an idea? What methods can basic income groups use to build a following?

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Resilience Under Shock: Time for a Paradigm ShiftFuture of EU

Faced with the systemic shock of the coronavirus crisis, the guiding principle for recovery should be resilience.

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Vulnerability and the Green New Deal: A Note of CautionSociety, Media and Culture

The Green Deal needs a nuanced approach which recognises the historical roots of today’s inequalities.

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Putting Time at the Heart of Political EcologySociety, Media and Culture

Changing our relationships with time and work remains a key task for progressive forces everywhere. This an opportunity for green politics to suddenly become urgent.

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