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How the German Right Reacts to Youth Climate ActivismSociety, Media and Culture

What strategies does Alternative für Deutschland use to discredit school strikers, and why does climate mobilising generate such a strong reaction on the Right?

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Communities Can Lead Europe’s Energy TransitionClimate and Energy

With the right support from governments and the EU, communities all over Europe can be at the heart of a sustainable energy system.

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An EU Foreign Policy for a World in DisarrayGeopolitics

To emerge as a resilient and formidable geopolitical power, member states need an effective and coordinated EU foreign policy.

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The Politics of Representation in the Climate MovementSociety, Media and Culture

The "Greta effect" reveals a great deal about exclusion-inclusion mechanisms in media and discourse. An intersectional approach has more to offer.

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The Green Surge in the French Locals ExplainedPolitics

The challenge for Greens is to consolidate their credibility by building successful green-left alliances and bridging the ecological and the social so as to leave none behind.

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In Silencing Its People, China Invites DisasterDemocracy

World-renowned dissident cartoonist Badiucao speaks about his journey, the current situation in Hong Kong and China, and the future of democracy around the world.

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The End of Neoliberal IdeologyPolitics

Neoliberalism is failing to meet the crises of our time. What in its worldview, social and ecological consequences call for putting it to rest?

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Agroecology as the Answer to Global Food and Climate CrisesAgriculture

The moment is now to redefine our food systems around principles of sustainability and justice.

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Stronger Public Health, Stronger EuropeWelfare and Social Issues

For the EU, resilience will mean putting patient needs at the centre of public health and recognising that human health and environment are inextricably connected.

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Tackling the Menstruation TabooSociety, Media and Culture

Menstrual capitalism reproduces deeply entrenched taboos to profit at the expense of wellbeing, environment and gender equality.

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