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Less Fear, More ParticipationDemocracy

How one area of Brussels is opening up city government with participatory democracy and driving forward the green transition.

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Breaking Europe’s Double DeadlockPolitics

French President Macron's bid to reform Europe has missed vital opportunities. Carefully built alliances and transnational politics are key to effectively changing Europe.

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Imagining Climate FuturesClimate and Energy

Surrounded by water, the Dutch city of Dordrecht's future is rendered uncertain by climate change. Research turned to stakeholders to map out four possible scenarios for the city.

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Can Deliberative Democracy Put EU Politics Back on Track?Future of EU

Political scientist Cristina Monge argues that the public needs a real stake in shaping its politics if the European project is going to succeed.

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Enter the Dragon: the New Global Economic Order and What It Means for EuropeGeopolitics

The world economy has become a battleground for geopolitical hegemony. To stay in the game, the EU needs a new strategy.

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Basic Income Has Always Been a Women’s CauseWelfare and Social Issues

In the UK, women spearheaded early campaigns for a basic income. Natalie Bennett explains why the feminist case for a UBI remains strong today.

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Europe’s Unfinished BusinessFinance and Economy

The EU needs a new model for doing business, one which marries innovation, social justice & sustainability, & puts Europe on the road to shared prosperity before crisis hits again.

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The Roof Is on Fire: How Europe Can Save the PlanetEnvironment

WWF Germany's Michael Schäfer explains what is at stake in the European elections from an environmental and biodiversity perspective.

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The Green-Left Future of Europe: A View from the PeripheryFuture of EU

Truly tackling the 21st century's biggest challenges demands a re-made EU which ties urgent action on climate change with a social justice agenda.

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How Identity Stole the DebateSociety, Media and Culture

The EUI professor examines Europe’s ongoing struggle over social values in times of rising Islamophobia and growing nostalgia for a Christian Europe.

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