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An Extraordinary Protest Just Disappeared

An interview with Nancy Fraser on the role of marginalised groups in protests, the problems of Zuccotti Park and neoliberalism’s impact on environmentalism.

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Observing elections in Honduras – a tool for the EU to promote human rights

Since 2000, the EU has deployed about 140 election observation missions. Below you can read my experiences as EU EOM-Chief Observer for the 2013 general elections in Honduras.

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Sweden: Green/Feminist Victory but also Extreme Right-wing Success

The polarised results of the European elections seem to indicate that new kinds of parties are replacing the traditional parties. This phenomenon was visible in Sweden, but also in many other countries across Europe.

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Improving LGBT Rights in Times of a Conservative Reaction

An interview with Austrian Green MEP Ulrike Lunacek, who addresses LGBT issues and EU enlargement to the Eastern European countries.

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The Fast-Food Feminism of the Topless Femen

Blonde young women stripping off their shirts to protest for… women’s rights.

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Equal to the Task? The UK’s Equality of Opportunity Legislation Under the Microscope

The UK has been a leader among EU member states in the promotion of equality of opportunity, with far-reaching duties in place in some regions since 1998. In practice, the jury is still out on whether the equal opportunities legislation has a real impact on the protected groups or simply creates one more administrative hurdle for policymakers.

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Britain’s Gendered Austerity

Austerity in Britain has a face. That face is female. That face is a mother of a dependent child. A mother with a job – although a job she may well lose in the next couple of years through no fault of her own. A very poor paying, part-time job, renting at high cost in the private sector, in a home that’s poorly insulated and expensive to heat.

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