Juan Behrend

Juan Behrend is the former secretary general of the European Green Party and, prior to that, of the Green Group in the European Parliament. He is currently a member of the Editorial Board of the Green European Journal.


Global Greens: 15 Year Anniversary

Fifteen years ago, in April 2001, an unexpected event took place in Canberra, Australia, that would change the scene of international political organisations. A significant number of environmentalists came with a single objective: to found a global Green movement that brings together all the Green parties and political movements of the Green world.

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The Case Against Phasing Out Cash

The prospect of the use of bank notes and coins becoming severely restricted, or even eliminated altogether, is one we should scrutinise closely. Making all transactions electronic could have a profound impact on the lives of many people, while giving banks even greater control over the flow of currency.

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The New Legend Surrounding National Borders Is A Fantasy

A shadow looms over Europe. Everywhere, new borders are sprouting up overnight like mushrooms.

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The Paris Climate Agreement: Empty Declaration or Window of Opportunity?

Did the agreements that came out of the December 2015 COP 21 in Paris really hold any meaningful weight?

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The explosion of Spain’s Podemos and the limits of name-calling

The rise of the radical Podemos party in Spain raises some serious questions for the Greens and all progressive parties and movements. We should look deeply at the party’s platform, leadership and policies and draw lessons from its rise – rather than resorting to pointless name-calling.

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“Is Europe Failing?”: thoughts on Joschka Fischer’s new book

Joschka Fischer’s new book, ‘Is Europe Failing?’ does not offer armour-plated solutions. Nevertheless, as well as its sharp analysis of the causes of the current European problems, it proposes a framework for resolving them. In any case, the book is an essential reading – beginning with the electric shock of seeing such an ardent supporter of the construction of a united Europe sounding such a loud alarm.

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