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Lorenzo Marsili

Lorenzo Marsili is a writer, political activist, and founder of international network European Alternatives. He is a board member for global NGO CIVICUS and on the coordinating committee of pan-European movement DiEM25. He previously worked in journalism and was founding editor of Naked Punch Review. His latest book is Citizens of Nowhere: How to Save Europe from Itself (Zed Books 2018).


Earn Money Online: The Politics of Microwork and Machines

Antonio Casilli discusses ‘microwork’, the increasingly common, hard-to-measure practice that sees people carry out small tasks online for even tinier amounts of pay.

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Miasto – nowe centrum polityczne

Tak w Europie, jak i poza nią polityka miejska, oparta na republikanizmie i zawarta w "ładzie barcelońskim" może pomóc w walce z bezwładem państwa narodowego.

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The City as the New Political Centre

Barcelona leads the way in reviving democracy and participation of citizens. Joan Subirats talks about how cities can shape a better governance architecture and complement the current system centred on nation-states.

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