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Socrates Schouten

Socrates Schouten leads the Commons Lab at Waag, an institute for technology and society in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He previously worked for Bureau de Helling (the scientific bureau of GroenLinks) and Recycling Netwerk Benelux.


Lost in the numbers: the missing politics of big data

Big data: omnipresent but mostly invisible. How can politics catch up with Silicon Valley and get a grip on our information?

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Baby Steps on the Road to a Basic Income

Various Dutch cities have started basic income experiments. But restrictions from central government are making some veer from the founding principle. How will it play out?

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Ton Lemaire: ‘I’m an animal in the depths of my thoughts’

Ton Lemaire pleads for a new universal morality, which he calls humanimalism.

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Brexit: a Scene from the Anthropocene

Slightly over two months ago, the ‘Brexit’ vote took place, leaving a lot of us in horror, lethargy, or at least confusion. If our confusion has receded as time has gone by, it is because we have become used to this new reality, not because it started making sense.

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