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The Crisis and Europe’s Environmental Roll-Back

In Greece, probably one of the first victims of austerity has been environmental protection, just at the moment where there can be no response to the crisis without considering the environmental dimension. A recent article by the WWF takes issue with the EU response to the crisis which has seen environmental protection sidelined like never before.

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How Powerful Interests Undermine the Energy Transition in Europe

The European Union (EU) is currently setting out its climate and energy policy framework for 2030.

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Combining National and European Allegiances

A Federal Europe cannot come about solely through disparaging national identity. Rather, a Federal Europe needs to be built based around concepts that are understandable to citizens: democratic accountability, transparency and a refrain from simple centralisation.

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Federalism? What Federalism? A European debate

The crisis of the Eurozone has given new arguments for a radically more federal Europe. But what does it concretely mean from a Green European point of view? An interview with Monica Frassoni, co-chair of the European Green Party and Per Garthon, former Swedish MEP.

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