DiEM25, an Ally for a European Wide Offensive?

Greens have always defended that Europe is the right political space to provide answers for the many challenges we face and that it needs a democratic renewal. DiEM25 takes a step, albeit timidly, towards a green Europe and a green and shared prosperity that respects the planet.

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European Democracy as a Tool for Social Justice

If we were constrained to choose between justice and democracy, surely we would opt for justice every time.

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Revealing and Leaving, not Spying and Punishing: the Ecological and Democratic Lessons of WikiLeaks

Thanks to the brave whistleblowers of our time, transparency, government accountability and our right to privacy are just some of the issues in the big internet dispute we are able to discuss in the freedom versus surveillance debate.

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France: Epicentre of the ‘Malbouffe’ Crisis

The changes to agriculture in post-war France have had a devastating impact on the environment and on public health. Such changes were the product of international trade agreements and big agri-business, meaning solutions are unlikely to come from the top down. It must be local and small produces that come to the rescue.

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