Isabelle Durant

Isabelle Durant is the deputy secretary-general of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Formerly Belgium’s deputy prime minister and minister of transport and energy, she also served as vice-president of the European Parliament and was a senior consultant on the empowerment of women.


Trading Places

On the paradigm shift that awaits, a common-sense approach to rebalancing the troubled structures of international trade in the global economy.

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“There Is Still a Long Way to Go” – Civil Society Involvement in Foreign Policy

An interview with Isabelle Durant. Great upheavals have occurred and are still occurring in the Middle East: the successive revolutions and counter-revolutions of the Arab spring, the lightning emergence of ISIS, the agonies of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the stagnating civil war in Syria. How do the Greens analyse the situation?

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Pathways to a Europe of the Citizens

The time has come to review the democratic workings of the European Union. Ideally, this should be the subject of a new Convention, but it is also possible to strengthen, here and now, European democracy.

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Dealing with Eurosceptics and Populists

Europe’s difficulties are undoubtedly causing a rise in populism and Euroscepticism, and while it needs to be more democratic, it needs to push for a more tolerate and humanist future; built through education, exchange and understanding.

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Van Rompuy’s Silent Coup d’Etat

Nothing seems to disturb what feels like a silent coup d’état carried out with the tacit consent of 27 Heads of State and Government.

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