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Silja Kudel

Silja Kudel is a Helsinki-based freelance journalist from Sydney who is a regular contributor to various cultural and business publications.


Bridging the 82-km Happiness Gap: Can Estonia Stem the Labour Exodus to Finland?

Tens of thousands of Estonian workers commute to Finland, said to be the world's happiest nation. Silja Kudel examines Estonia’s ongoing struggle with 'brain drain'.

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Finlandiya Yeşilleri rekor popülerlik elde etti, son seçim anketlerine göre ülkedeki en büyük ikinci siyasi parti konumundalar. Yeşil Lig, kentlerde seçmenlerin kalbini ve de oylarını çalarken kırsal seçim bölgesi bu çekiciliğe mesafeli kalmaya devam ediyor. Yeşiller niye yerelle bağdaşamıyor ve bu durum acaba Avrupa’da kentle kırsal arasında giderek büyüyen ideolojik ayrımın göstergesi olabilir mi?

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A Tale of Two Finlands

The Greens are successfully wooing urban voters in Finland, but the rural areas tell a drastically different story. Why the stark contrast?

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Finland Takes a Giant Green Leap

Finland's municipal elections on 8th April saw the Finnish Green party win an unprecedented 12.4 per cent of votes across the country and right-wing and populist parties take a beating.

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