Another Internet Is Possible

The current digital model is broken – and both workers and users are suffering as a result. But is it too late to fix it?

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What is Europe’s Place in the US-China Technology Race?

As the US and China vie for global power and influence, nowhere is this competition more intense than in the area of technology. Just like the flow of digital information itself, the manufacturing, trade, and use of this technology cuts across national borders. Asma Mhalla speaks to Edouard Gaudot about how Europe has sought to assert itself through regulation in response to this escalation, in a bid to enforce its norms and protect the privacy and data of its citizens.  

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Why the EU Needs to Rethink its Approach to Technology

The EU is often playing catchup with the rapidly evolving world of tech, ignoring its grave geopolitical implications.

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Can Europe Shape its Digital Space?

Why human rights and democracy need to be enshrined in Europe’s digital space.

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