Green Transition in China: At What Cost?

China’s action on climate is often touted as decisive and admirable. But its human and environmental costs cannot be ignored.

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In Silencing Its People, China Invites Disaster

World-renowned dissident cartoonist Badiucao speaks about his journey, the situation in Hong Kong, and the future of democracy globally.

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Stronger Public Health, Stronger Europe

For the EU, resilience will mean putting patient needs at the centre of public health and recognising that human health and environment are inextricably connected.

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Geopolitics in Pandemic Times

As China uses the crisis to extend its influence, Europe needs ambitious policies for economic recovery if it wants to be a relevant global player.

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The EU and China: From Strategic Partners to Systemic Rivals

For foreign policy analysts, the Covid-19 pandemic represents another twist in the winding path of EU-China relations.

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Where is China Heading on Climate?

China’s projected image of ambitious climate actor is contradicted by fossil fuel investments abroad and its prioritisation of economic growth.

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Enter the Dragon: the New Global Economic Order and What It Means for Europe

The world economy has become a battleground for geopolitical hegemony. To stay in the game, the EU needs a new strategy.

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Connecting Eurasia: Europe and China in the 21st Century

Presenting “Schuman goes to China”, the cooperation on green tech, urban planning and big data that shaped the geopolitics of 2049.

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Horizon 2050: the Future of the EU-China Relationship

As part of the online series around our new edition, a sneak peak of what cooperation and rivalry between Europe and China could mean for the new global order in 2049.

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Dirty Rare Metals: Digging Deeper into the Energy Transition

While green tech promises to save the planet through connectivity, the digital economy’s material demands are increasingly unsustainable.

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